Five Reasons to Avoid Sitting Long Hour

During the course of your daily routine you will find yourself sitting for long periods of time, where you move very little and expend low energy. The nature of most office jobs entail sitting for long hours and then there is the daily commute where you are likely to be sitting in a car. Additionally, you will be sitting for your meals, watching TV or chatting with friends. Many of the health problems experienced are associated with this sedentary lifestyle. Luckily with the assistance of a personal trainer from Coogee fitness, it is possible to overcome these concerns.


Sitting for Long Is a Leading Cause of Depression

Apart from the very obvious effect on physical health, sitting for long periods has also been linked with ill effects on mental health due to poor supply of oxygenated blood to the brain and sub-optimal metabolism of glucose. A study conducted in Australia, reported in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, established that women sitting in excess of seven hours daily had a 47% greater risk of suffering depression than their counterparts who sit for less than four hours daily.

Long Periods of Sitting Increase the Risk of Cardiac Disease

When you are sitting for extended periods you will obviously burn less fat and your blood flow will tend to be sluggish. This situation is especially conducive to fatty acids to accumulate and clog your cardiac vessels. Prolonged sitting has also been established as a prime reason for high blood pressure as well as elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. A number of studies have conclusively linked sitting for long periods to a greater incidence of cardiac disease.


Enhanced Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Insulin that is produced by the pancreas carries energy-giving glucose to the cells, however cells in muscles that are idle respond less to insulin prompting the pancreas to produce more. The resultant enzyme changes have been found to be prime cause of diabetes. The International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity published report in February 2013 after surveying more than 63,000 middle-age Australian males that clearly established a correlation between sitting time and the risk of diabetes.


Muscle Degeneration – A Worrying Fact

Standing, moving or even sitting up straight exercises the abdominal muscles, however if you are sitting slumped in a chair for long periods, these muscles go unutilised and result in weakened abs that ultimately also exaggerates the natural arch of the spine. This condition is referred to as hyperlordosis. Sitting for prolonged periods also leads to your hips becoming stiff and tightens the frontal hip flexor muscles. As a result, the motion range and stride length can become affected and increase the propensity of falls in the elderly.


No Escaping Weight Gain

Sitting consumes far less calories than engaging any in other activity that requires you to move. Analysis reveals that only about 46 calories get burnt per hour when sitting compared to 314 that are consumed per hour while walking. The services of Coogee fitness should be utilized to burn off considerably more calories.

When you incorporate the general tendency of eating too much you can very well judge why a sedentary activity like sitting is a leading cause behind weight gain. An experienced personal trainer should be able to suggest ideas to modify your lifestyle so that you shed weight faster.

Benefits of Discussing Qualifications Your Trainer Has

Despite your best efforts, it may so happen that you have hired the wrong personal trainer. It may not be your fault entirely as many trainers now use sleek marketing strategies to woo prospective clients. They use glamour instead of skills to rope in clients who are often mesmerized by their six-pack abs and firm physique.

So whether you are stuck with a worthless trainer or just contemplating hiring one for the first time, it always pays to probe further; especially on qualifications. Yes, qualifications are an indication of the EPTI fitness instructor courses your trainer has undergone. While certificates may not necessarily guarantee excellence, it is an indication that you are not in the hands of a complete amateur.

With Qualified Trainers, you are In Professional Hands

When it comes to personal training, nothing is more important than a professional approach. Unprofessional trainers lack motivation and are often not very involved in your success or failure. They often begin haphazardly without a proper goal or a plan of approach to achieve it. Only a qualified trainer from european personal training institute understands the importance of proper goal-setting and planning. He will sit with you first and foremost to understand your requirements and then work on it further.

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Qualifications Indicate Holistic Approach

The best personal training courses focus not only on physical exercise but include several related areas such as diet and nutrition, stress management, rest and sleep pattern and so on. They cover modules on human physiology and anatomy, posture and flexibility, strength and conditioning and so on. Such courses also teach prospective trainers how to assess individual clients and design both short-term and long-term courses based on individual requirement. A qualified trainer therefore has a more holistic approach to fitness training and can help you learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Qualifications Indicate Knowledge

When you go through the qualification and certifications of your trainer, you get to understand the type of PT courses he has undergone. While hiring and fixing personal trainers salary, do remember that there are several categories of fitness training and not all trainers are masters in all of them. Some may have just completed a beginners’ course while another is a master. Also, you might be looking for someone with specialized knowledge for example an aqua instructor, a corporate instructor, a sports trainer, a massage therapist and so on. So before hiring blindly, always go through qualifications to ensure you have hired the right person.

Qualifications Indicate Accreditation

Qualification certificates also reveal the name of your trainer’s institute. Don’t ignore this vital point as schooling does have a deep impact on the quality of a trainer. With personal training all the rage, more and more training institutes are cropping up everywhere. Not all of them have the right accreditations or facilities and faculties. Some many not offer even the basic modules compulsory for personal training courses. Even a ‘qualified’ instructor from any of the shoddier institutions should not be worth your patronage. Before hiring, be aware of the kind of accreditations and accrediting agencies in your area and names of some of the best institutes. Hire trainers who have done their personal training courses from the right places like european personal training institute.

What Not to Expect at a Boot Camp Workout

Boot camps are group workout sessions that are based on military-style training and rigorous exercises. With a high intensity combination of fast-paced workouts such as squats, sprints, sit-ups, jumping jacks etc; boot camps offer a killer workout routine for those who can keep pace with it. In fact, rushcutters bay boot camps is something you have never experienced before at gyms or similar other exercise programmes. You will be really surprised at what NOT to expect at boot camps when compared to run-of-the-mill training modules held inside studios and gyms.

Don’t Expect Indoor Sessions

Boot camps are always held outdoors except for emergency situations. Come rain or hail or shine, you will be meeting with your teammates at the nearest park, beach or any open space in the vicinity. So do not expect to find a roof under your head through the seasons if you are about to join rushcutters bay boot camps. This may seem surprising but boot camps try to acclimatize your body through seasonal changes so that you enjoy a high immunity and fall sick less often.

Don’t Expect Easy, Repetitive Workouts

Think again if you are used to the easy pace of gyms where you perform the same workouts every day. This is precisely what rushcutters bay boot camps does NOT offer. Repeating the same set of workouts allows your body to settle into a comfort zone. However, this means also you see little improvement in your condition once the initial effects wear out. Boot camps really make you sweat and move every single muscle of your body through an effective combination of different exercises. This ensures your body is under continuous stimulation for maximum effect.

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Don’t Expect to Cheat and Get Away with it

You may be further surprised to know that you cannot really cheat and skip steps while exercising at rushcutters bay boot camps. If you have always done so at your local gym, it’s time to change all that. Boot camps are organized by trained professionals who swear by a fit and healthy body. They imbibe the same enthusiasm, commitment and passion to their students towards fitness that they themselves possess. Initially, you may feel like relaxing a bit when the trainer is not looking your way but be sure that he knows what’s going on in each row, behind each participant.

Don’t Expect Amateur Trainers with Arbitrary Approaches

Despite the ambience of bonhomie and fun, boot camps are serious training programmes with a fully scientific approach towards fitness training. They are conducted by trained and certified instructors who have graduated from some of the best fitness training institutes of the country. Or they are former military commanders themselves who have insider knowledge about such fitness programmes. Unlike gyms and other fitness studios, boot camps are never conducted by amateur trainers. Find the best boot camp trainers on

Don’t Expect Fancy Expensive Equipment

Boot camps are not for you if you love fiddling with fancy exercise gadgets. All the equipments you need at rushcutters bay boot camps are provided by nature or the natural surroundings such as branches, terrain, slopes, park rails, public stairways and so on.